machine with "Touch Screen" control panel on the right hand side as shown on the leaflet.

Scope of the supply :
Biscuit depositing machine to produce a wide variety of shapes within the limits and according to the standard kit of nozzles and moulds.
Speed :
Deposited biscuits : 20-25 strokes per minute, the production rate per hour will depend on the dough consistency and the form of the biscuit (80/100kg hour).
Wire cut biscuits : indicative 40 strokes per minute
Tray loading :

Functional and constructive characteristics
a). Cantee lever style machine, all mechanical transmissions behind the machine.
b). Main frame is constructed in aluminium and stainless steel Aisi 304 :
The front anodised aluminium plate is constructed from first grade aluminium, in order to sustain the mechanical components that drive the main parts.
Castors complete of brake.
c). Tray transport conveyor 1200 mm. long :
Main structure in anodised aluminium and stainless steel covers.
Two anti-slip conveyor belts.
Automatic tray advancement complete of switch for tray detection.
Tray guide adjustable in width.
Belt guide rollers in aluminium, complete of flanges with bearings.
The transmission of the belts is carried out by an AC motor.
The up/down movement (table height), is adjusted manually by means of a handwheel.
Automatic detachment of the tray following each deposit.
d). Standard rollers extruding head :
Cantee lever roller head
Stainless shafts and food grade nylon rollers
Roller transmission by means of an AC motor, adjustable speed and turning time of rollers, complete of reverse cycle (suction).
Roller transmission gears are placed behind the machine, this avoids having to attach them to the rollers which need to be removed for the cleaning operation.
The roller chamber is completely closed in order to avoid the dough from spilling out.
The entire roller chamber, rollers, hopper and nozzle plate can be dismantled without the use of spanners and in less than one minute.
e). Fixed plate with 9 exits complete of :
09 straight smooth nozzles exit 10 mm.
09 straight toothed nozzles exit 10 mm
f). Hopper :
Hopper capacity 40 Lt.
g). Computer :
Graphic display "Touch Screen" control panel
99 memory's.
Whilst depositing, the biscuit parameters can be modified in order to obtain the desired biscuit size and shape.
The various control buttons are accompanied by self comprehensive symbols in order to facilitate the operator.
By means of a button the tray can be discharged forwards or back towards the operator (control panel).
h). Guarding and safety features :
Guarding and safety features according to the EC regulations
i). Machine suitable for steel trays 80 x 60 x H=2 cm.
j). English instruction manual :
Electrical diagram.
General maintenance instructions.
Machine operation instructions.

Note ! Decorations and sandwitch type biscuits are to be completed manually

Electrical data :
Power installed: 2+ Kw.
Voltage: 400 Volt / 3 phase / Neutral + Earth / 50 Hz. (or as per your request)
Note ! If the electrical supply is subject to fluctuations, then a stabilizer will be required.

Machine dimensions :
Length : 1220 mm.
Width : 1300 mm.
Height : 1520 mm.
Weight : 500+ Kg. net approx.

Extra ROTARY NOZZLES ASSEMBLY with 9 exits plate (optional)
Complete with:
Rotary nozzle plate with 6 exits.
transmission of the nozzles by means of an AC motor.
The rotary plate is removed from the extruding chamber without the use of spanners.
09 off-centre smooth nozzles exit 10 mm. radius 16 mm. (Bronze)
09 off-centre toothed nozzles exit 10 mm. radius 16 mm. (Bronze)
If the customer wants the rotary nozzles option, the fixed plate will be removed, but the 2 sets of straight nozzles will remain.

Extra WIRE CUT ASSEMBLY with 9 exits plate (optional)
Complete with:
Mechanical wire cut transmission by means of a cam and drop down slide.
Wire cut arch complete of wire suitable for a mould with 9 exits.
One wire cut plate, constructed in anodised aluminium
One wire cut mould (model to be selected) with 9 exits (standard design); constructed in food grade nylon



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