We do not only supply machines but a global solution to your daily packaging needs.
An efficient reply to your packaging needs automatically, means, an analytical approach from our sales personnel, to take great care and to come to single details: we will discuss, collect and file all necessary information in order to make sure, we have a global picture of customer’s needs.

The evaluation of a packaging machine solution, means, that we have to take into consideration several important aspects, such as floor space, production rate, product nature, product image, operator’s knowledge, customers budget, after sales service program, any single information is then discussed in depth with our technical department and with a team of experts, engineering companies, packaging material experts etc.. With this procedure that makes sure nothing is left to chance, we are sure to deliver a top quality product to our customer.

Our first milestone are our technicians, training and final testing of every single machine

Every machine sold is entitled to a free training program and a final test to be run in our factory premises. This operation is carried out by the technician having full knowledge of customers’ products and needs, having even themselves assembled the machine starting from the singles components and parts. The machine is adapted to each product to be packed, and all the product data is saved in touch screen memory and in our electronic files, that we store with care for future reference.
Installation and training at the customers premises is offered upon request.


Delfin commercial expansion and after sales network is possible through many of our dealers worldwide and also by independent specialized technicians. All customers have access to the list of after sales points closest to them.

Sleep soundly with our remote assistance

With the aid of a modem and internet connection today all machines can be in direct connection with our technicians: the access can be done even whilst the machine is running and without interrupting production. This allows to examine and identify problems in a very short time by highly qualified technicians that have a depth knowledge of all the machine functions and phases. Maintenance time reaction and general costs are reduced to a minimum, and most important is, an extreme reduction in the customers production loss.

Financial advisory services, leasing and rental services

Thanks to the collaboration with specialized consultants in the financial world, we can assist our customers to find the ideal solution to their financial needs. The financial services include, leasing and rental contracts. Please contact us for further information.



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