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Our company

Since 1996 Delfin has been designing and manufacturing packaging machines and automatic feeding systems for packaging food and non-food products with flexible film.

Who we are

Delfin has been active since 1996 in the field of flow-pack machines for food and non-food products packaging, and automatic depositors for biscuits.

Through two different divisions, in our company we create packaging systems and pouring machines: the logic of the distinction is due to the specificity of one sector compared to the other, even if their markets are partially overlapping.

Delfin is a dynamic, streamlined and flexible company; for this reason both large industrial groups and small artisan companies have chosen us as a partner: we offer everyone the most advanced technology and the most suitable solutions.

Our mission

Our vision

New markets

Our packaging machines and our pouring machines are also highly appreciated by the foreign market, since we have always had the goal of exporting Italian know-how and quality around the world and we know how to do it well: on the technical side with solid, reliable and advanced machines, on the commercial side with a multilingual team that moves with agility, resourcefulness and respect between the cultures of other countries.

Our independent branches and widespread distribution network are the basis of our history of success, and our system approach allows us, thanks to agreements with leading companies in the automation, control, wrapping production and consultancy fields, to be part of a chain of suppliers which is able to provide answers for every need.

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